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About The Project

Inspired by Geoff Nicholson’s Whitbread short-listed novel Bleeding London, in which a character named Stuart London walks the complete length and breadth London, Londoners and visitors to the capital have been following in Stuart’s footsteps and photographing every street as they go.

The Exhibition

Organised by the London Region of the Royal Photographic Society, the project was the brainchild of Del Barrett who was inspired by Geoff Nicholson’s Whitbread short-listed novel, Bleeding London, in which one of the characters, Stuart London, walks every street in the capital.

The Electronic Archive

The images from The Bleeding London Project will be used to create an electronic archive of inestimable social and historical value. The first part of the archive will be launched on July 8th. Revisit this page for links and further details after the BL exhibition.

Exhibition Sponsors

Quilter Cheviot has announced its sponsorship of the Royal Photographic Society’s (RPS) Bleeding London exhibition.